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Thanks, 2013


Happy New Year! 2013, you were nice. 2014, I expect great things.

While the pictures below are evidence of 2013’s yummy crusts, hard work, and some memorable fruit fillings, it’s really the fun of baking with friends and family that make these pictures good memories. Thanks for putting up with/participating in my baking addiction.

In honor of fresh starts, do-overs, and a new year, here’s an improvement on a cinnamon bun recipe I posted in November. The last batch were a bit drier than I would have liked. Perhaps the single rising was too good to be true. This recipe allots more time (2 risings) and the buns were moister and more flavorful. I also much prefer this cream cheese frosting to the simple confectioner’s sugar/milk mixture. Since I already posted a recipe for this I’ll just give you the link here and you can go forth and follow Deb’s advice. All I changed was the quantity (I halved the recipe to get 8 buns) and used a little less butter for the filling than she suggests.



Author: Zoe (Do Or Pie)

I live, work, and bake in NYC.

3 thoughts on “Thanks, 2013

  1. Beautiful pictures! I will be happy to follow your recipes in 2014 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can’t wait to get to peruse yours more. It looks delicious!

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